Eurotronic SPZB0001 wrong Batterie values


I had to find out that my zigbee thermostats unfortunately deliver the wrong battery values.

I checked the whole thing, on the screenshot you can see that the battery warning is on, deconz or HA tells me 0% or 10% for example the bathroom thermostat. But the whole thing can’t be right, because I get a warning on the thermostat or its display, a small battery symbol, but that’s not on for any of the thermostats.

The whole thing happens, for example, even if I just put in freshly charged batteries and simply wait 2-12 hours, then HA shows it again.

the interisting is it runs now for 10 days with 0% batterie, That means that the display is wrong, otherwise the thermostat would go off

here is a screenshot from phoscon

i dont know if there is a FW update or if this is a deconz problem?

Thank you

What does the power configuration cluster tell you, when you read the values?

can you say me where i can do this?

On one of the marked nodes from you 1st screenshot, click on the rightmost black bullet, double click on the power configuration cluster, which gives you an overview of the generally available attributes. Then hit the read button and share the screenshot please.

This might also help :slight_smile: :

here you go, the same how in HA


here from the second, there stands 50% but he says it has 0% in HA and right the red battery indicator is visible

the next one,

there stands for example battery size : ff ??



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You need to divide the battery reading by 2, so first one has 5% left and second one 25%. As I recall, a device gets the depleted battery symbol < 33%

Not sure why Phoscon shows o%, but it could be related to devices starting to act funky when battery level is too low (missed bindings, reports, etc.).

but the battery level is wrong, when i look at my thermostat there is no battery symbol, that means the battery is not weak or empty.

something is there in deconz wrong?

You might to re-read the 2nd part of my answer more closely. What happens when you change the batteries on the device which has 5% left (which is extremely low)?

now i changed the batteris with a 100% full charged ones, deconz shows only 80%
I have recharged the batteries extra now, the charger shows 100%

when i understand you right, it means it has 40% because it must be divide by 2.
but even 80% would be wrong.

Deconz GUI only visualizes what a device is sending without doing anything with the raw data here. So the device answers, I have a value of 80, which needs to be interpreted correctly (resulting in a divide by 2 → 40%).

If that is incorrect in your view, feel free to clarify that with Eurotronic Technology GmbH, as it has nothing to do with deconz.


From my experience, rechargeable batteries never will measure up to the full strength of new standard batteries, so 80% might be the max you get from a rechargeable battery. You might want to do a test with standard batteries to convince yourself here.
That is why I stopped using rechargeable batteries, they go down just to often and too fast.

In my Eurotronics (I have 2) a standard set of batteries runs almost a year before I need to replace them.

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If I m right there is nothing saying this value need to be divided by 2 (Zigbee rules is saying to use normal value 0 to 100), there is lot of device where this value is not divided.

No-one else have this device to be sure if the value need to be divided or not ?

Would me be sufficient? :slight_smile:


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lol, it s faked capture I can reconize photoshop tool.

Sorry @pimp1310, I think too the problem is coming from your battery.

okay, now i tested brand new duracell batteries with only 1.5A and it looks much better, 200%

the recharchable batteries have 2,1A i never thought i can be the recharchable battery.

Great to see your findings are the same as me. I was using strong (2,1 A and others) batteries too and was so disappointed with their life cycle and endurance. Adding normal batteries did a lot better. It might be better for the environment, but I was changing batteries per two months or even less. That is where I turned. :slight_smile:

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