Eurotronic Spirit ZigBee (SPZB0001) temperature not updated in device since deCONZ 2.12.6

Everything is said in even it has been closed automatically because of no obvious reason.

How can I identify the relevant communication which SHOULD be sent from Home Assistant to deCONZ and from deCONZ to the device when updating a field (set/target temperature) from Home Assistant?
→ What parts in debug log to look for/at?

Hi :slight_smile: ,

Although i’ve answered on the issue, i’ll answer here too.

First: I’ve moved this from “Phoscon App > Bug Reports” To “Deconz > General Support”.

It has: Template wasn’t respected. Screenshot header was removed but it clearly states all headers must remain.

I’m wondering what happens if you use the RestAPI directly to control it. Perhaps that makes a difference to just outrule any issues with HA. What happens if you use that to set and read the thermostat?

Good point, I‘ll test this and report back.

Didn´t test as the root cause has been identified in the corresponding GitHub issue.

Just wondering how long it will take for this bugfix to arrive in stable release… :question:

Probably Half of december.

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That sounds not that bad. Thanks for the update.

Hopefully the delay from „new stable out“ to „new stable arrived in deCONZ addon for Home Assistant“ is quite minimal…

Anybody knows the process of Home Assistant deCONZ addon being updated to latest deCONZ stable version?

Because my monitoring just told me there’s finally a new stable out there! :slight_smile:

Click update?


When using deCONZ as official Addon for Home Assistant, getting deCONZ updates depends on the Addon maintainers releasing a new version containing that new deCONZ stable release.

My question aimed at: how to initiate that progress of maintainers releasing a new version.

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No clue

Finally arrived and installed, confirmed working as expected again (temperate set from HA is being sent to the device) :white_check_mark:

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