Enbrighten Zigbee Wall Switch Compatibility?

Does anyone know if the Enbrighten (43076) wall switch works with Phoscon/deconz?

Also interested in the Enbrighten Dimmer, but the above single pole is a priority for me.


To partially answer my own question, the Enbrighten (43076) wall switch works great. Paired effortlessly, is well made, and UL listed for those in the US.

I’ll head over to the blakadder site and add deconz compatibility.

Great to read this :slight_smile:

Feel free to also update the wiki on git.

Certainly. I added it and a 3A Smart RGBW LED Strip controller that also works great. I have several other items that are not on the wiki that I’ll add later. Those are already on the blakadder site too. One of the more interesting ones is a Tuya Zigbee Smart Power Strip. 4 outlets and 1 bank of USB power. All 5 show up and work perfectly as lights independently controlled. Have 3 of those and love them. They have US and EU versions.

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