Embedding device button mapping inside DDF profile

I am sure this question has been covered somewhere, but I did a search and I can’t find a response. Is there a way to embed the button mapping for a device inside the DDF profile, to keep all the instructions in one place and avoid updating button_maps.json for each and every new device?

Given that one doesn’t have write access to button_maps.json on HomeAssistant image, right now I am bound to wait for a new release with my pull request merged to be able to actually test the profile I have submitted for a new button. This doesn’t seem to me to be the best development cycle.

No, it’s not possible but you are right.
This file is hard to edit for HA user, but even on official docker image. There is a persistent folder for DDF but nothing for this file.

Is there any plan to fix / tackle this issue? Anyway one can contribute? This is the most constraining issue when it comes to device support that gives me the itches to test some other solution than deCONZ. It’s such a pity.