Ecodim 4 channel switch discovery and configuration not working properly in Phoscon


with the release of v2.15.1, several 8-button switches including ecodim are now supported in deconz.

They are however very buggy in the phoscon app:

  • Pairing in phoscon still is challenging, had to do multiple attempts, using the beta switches part of phoscon, then selecting Busch-Jaeger 4 channel wall transmitter.
  • Configuring the switch in phoscon is not working either - you cannot add it in a deconz group

I use home assistant + node red, so for now above issues dont impact me too much.

Thanks for looking into this.


Hi guys, any feedback here?


There were a bunch of fixes related to switches in release v2.15.2 - v2.15.3 do you still see the issues with latest version?

Yes, seems to work now

will close


Hi @manup ,

Actually, the switch still has an issue with using scenes.

I add a few lights to a group, and build a scene
Scenario 1:
I link it to a Friends of Hue 4 button switch, it works as designed

Scenario 2:
I click link switch, select the 8 button ecodim switch, select a button, assign the scene and when I click the Anlegen button (not sure why it is in german), it goes back to the select switch window (and this continues, the button does not get saved)

Let me know if you need more info