EasyAccess Locks

I am currently using a EasyAccess-lock which was discovered in Deconz (but not in Phoscon … I am using the Conbee v1 dongle), so support is partially added already. Would it be possible to add full support for these locks?


You need to open a device request on GitHub. Make sure to follow the template.

did you open device request? I am not that tech savvy, but there are many users looking for solution to EasyAccess/Nimly locks with Conbee II, DeConz and HomeAssistant.

If the device is standard, can take 5mn, with mimic an existing one.
But need a device request to have informations

have asked those who make the device to file a request!

You need to do that as you own the device.

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Made it with manual install of EasyFingerTouch DDF, which seems to cover several touch models from EasyAccess/Nimly (just some very small stuff missing)