EARU_CircuitBreaker 1P : on/off status Oxc3

Hello community,

I am a new to Zigbee and Phoscon/Deconz and I am trying to set up a smart switch board for the garden. I already have few things setup already and wanted to add a main switch to turn the different features all on/off programmatically.

I purchased on amazon a Zigbee circuit breaker brand EARU, model EAYCBM-Z-1P and it seems to be working ok when manually operated. In deconz, it is discovered as _TZE204_davzgqq0 (manufacturer) TS0601 (Model ID).

I can add the device to my zigbee network with no problem using Deconz but when I try to toggle it on/off I get always the 0xC3 status back. When I tried to debug the logs a bit more I stumbled upon a looping messages (posted here at the bottom of this message).

I am sue the following logs are triggered by the new device and I can see in the packaging from amazon that the device list TUYA/SMART LIFE as APP. So I am wondering if this device is compatible or not with Conbee 2. I would expect the Zigbee network to be agnostic of the zigbee receiver but maybe I am wrong. Any help/idea on how to progress this further? Is there a Deconz settings that cater for some “Tuya replication”?


1:04:03:514 No Tuya productId entry found for manufacturername: _TZE204_davzgqq0
11:04:03:514 Tuya debug Request : Address 0x84B4DBFFFEBCC6DE, Endpoint 0x01, Command 0x02, Payload 00931200000c0101002303010109040100b4
11:04:03:514 Tuya : Schedule command
11:04:03:514 Tuya debug 4 : Address 0x84B4DBFFFEBCC6DE Payload 00931200000c0101002303010109040100b4
11:04:03:514 Tuya debug 5 : Status: 0 Transid: 147 Dp: 18 (0x00,0x12) Fn: 0 Data 0
11:04:03:514 Tuya : Unknow Schedule mode
11:04:03:514 APS-DATA.request id: 153, addrmode: 0x02, addr: 0x2056, profile: 0x0104, cluster: 0xEF00, ep: 0x01 → 0x01 queue: 1 len: 5 tx.options 0x04
11:04:03:514 asdu (length: 5): 10320b0200
11:04:03:576 APS-DATA.indication srcAddr: 0x2056, srcEp: 0x01 dstAddrMode: 2, profile: 0x0104, cluster: 0xEF00, lqi: 255, rssi: -40
11:04:03:576 asdu: 09330200941303000d594b4c442d5a43482056312e30



Seems to be this device is unsupported.

You need to submit a request on GitHub and provide information.

You can find a how to do so here :

thank you Mimiix

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