Dresden Servers down

Do you have any information regarding why Dreden servers are currently down ?
None of the Phoscon as well as deconz repositories are available.

We noted it. Manup just brought them up again :slight_smile:

One beer (or glass of Cognac) for Mimiix

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@Mimiix, do you know if the Phoscon servers are up & running, since the connection to the server comes up as failed while trying to install Conbee II in homebridge?

Seems to be up.

Thanks for responding @Mimiix

Ref’g to my original post - 404 Not Found [IP: 80] - Connection error while installing via homebridge

the connection keeps getting terminated, after the message the "E: The repository ‘http://phoscon.de/apt/deconz bullseye Release’ does not have a Release file. due to which deconz and subsequent files are not being installed. Could you help?

If i could, i would’ve replied :sweat_smile: So i don’t know.

The deCONZ version for Bullseye is only available in beta repository for now. The servers are up.

Please follow step 3 (Beta alternative) from here: