Domoticz Zigbee integration

I’m looking for some help on the deConz integration based on the zigpy librairies.
First, thanks for the support, the first step are quite convincing.

We have two questions that are blocking us:

  • How to change the channel with the UART protocol at the network formation? the channel parameter is defined as read only. On other integrations, this parameter can be modified and the new formed network is directly on the right channel. Should we use the mask channel to close the unwanted one ? We didn’t try yet the zdp command Management Network Update request (cluster 0038) after the network creation.

  • Which endpoints are supported ? We tested the 11 and seems ok but we stuck on the 03.
    Here the list of the used endpoints:
    0x0b: Schneider Wiser/ Philips Hue
    0x03: New Schneider Wiser
    0x0a: Orvibo
    0x6e: Terncy
    0x15: Konke
    0x08: Livolo

Just check the first point and yes, the mask channel is working to choose the network channel. Quite tricky but works.
The zdp command Management Network Update request is not working properly, need to investigate on our side.

If you can help on the endpoints.


Manup answered on the github, Pipiche and I asked on our sides without consultation:

We have to make further tests to understand when the endpoint registration is necessary. My tests on ep 11 worked without registration. Is it only necessary when commands are sent from the device ?

Added a few notes to the issue, the default configuration works for most devices but some do require to have certain server clusters present and the application needs to respond to requests, like the Time cluster.

Over the years devices got more chatty towards the gateway, we mostly figure this out by sniffing what the devices send to the manufacturer gateways.