Do I have to re-teach all Zigbee devices after a change?

need your help
I’ve been using ioBroker for a few years. But with deConz on I always have issues that are time-consuming to eliminate. I saw that some users have already switched because of this:
I’m in the process of switching from deConz Zigbee to Zigbee. But would like to switch to a test system first.
If I then switch back to the original system, I have to re-teach all devices or the devices will find my conBee II GW.

It’s clear to me instance on the original ioBroker system I need to disable!
As a first step, I would like to clarify whether I can change my scripts and images with reasonable effort, so a test system.
I had different topics with drConz Zigbee several times and I read several times that the Zigbee solution is more stable.

You need to re pair all devices.

Thank you for helping

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