Disconnection Issue with Aqara Motion Sensor and Door Sensor on DeCONZ

Hello everyone,

I’m using DeCONZ on Windows 10 with a ConBee stick, and I’ve encountered a problem with the association and connectivity of two Xiaomi Aqara devices, a motion sensor and a door sensor.

Initially, I can successfully associate the devices with my DeCONZ network, and they work correctly for a certain period of time. However, after some time, both devices seem to disconnect from the network and stop sending data to the DeCONZ software. I’ve tried changing the frequency channel to see if it resolves the issue, but it had no effect.

This problem is particularly troublesome as it hinders the proper functioning of my home automation system.

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered a similar problem or has any ideas on how to address it. Does anyone have suggestions on improving the stability of these Xiaomi Aqara devices on DeCONZ?

Thank you in advance for any assistance or advice you can provide.

Best regards,