Direct pairing friends of hue switch with light?

I have a couple of “friends of hue” switches that I’ve added through Phoscon and configured to control groups of lights (all set up through Phoscon).

I understand that it should be possible to somehow link a switch directly to a group, making the switch control the lights even if deCONZ is down. I’ve only seen mentions here and there, but never any “official” docs.

If this is possible, how? I can’t see the switches through deCONZ or the old web ui, only in Phoscon.

Thanks in advance.

Good question.

If it’s battery device, yes, it’s possible, using the old webapp, using the “switch group”
If it’s the new device without battery, ZGP device, it’s technically possible, but no clue if it’s possible using deconz/phoscon, but I don’t think the old web app will not work, as thoses device don’t use the “special group”

Thanks for the reply, @Smanar.

It is a battery device, the SR-ZGP2801K4-FOH-E. There sure is “ZGP” in the name :thinking:

I can’t seem to find any “switch group” or similar special groups (or see it at all, for that matter) in the old web ui, or in deCONZ. There are no groups in the REST API created for the switches under /groups, they only show up under /sensors like so:

    "37": {
        "config": {
            "on": true
        "ep": 242,
        "etag": "bab55df6e95031059634f55bf249ee17",
        "lastannounced": null,
        "lastseen": "2022-09-24T19:46Z",
        "manufacturername": "PhilipsFoH",
        "modelid": "FOHSWITCH",
        "name": "My FoH switch",
        "state": {
            "buttonevent": 4002,
            "lastupdated": "2022-09-24T19:46:47.786"
        "type": "ZGPSwitch",
        "uniqueid": "00:00:00:00:01:71:71:f6-f2"

Any idea where to start with these devices?


Ha ?

Lol, funny, it s a battery device, but this one is working like the one without battery, so it use ZGP and haven’t config/group (used for direct bind) and no config/battery, and use "fake "manufacture name and model id.

Seriously what is the utility of this device ? To have that, better use a battery less.

Sounds odd. Seems like there are quite a few hackish ZigBee device implementations out there :slight_smile:

I use them as seamless battery-driven wall switches that can be made to look like my other standard non-zigbee switches. Unfortunate if the manufacturer has skimped out on the firmware, though…

Does this mean the device itself does not support direct pairing, or might there be hope yet?

No I think there is reason, but if the device is working like the one without battery, what is the battery utility …

Does this mean the device itself does not support direct pairing, or might there be hope yet?

ZGP device can use too direct bind , I have already do it on a Legrand one, but I have no clue how its working (have used the Legrand stuff) and if deconz is able to do it.