Difference in response time

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me out with this. I have deCONZ running on a Conbee2 stick with HomeAssistant. All running great!
Now I have 8 Gira Friends of Hue switches and there are some differences in response times. Now let me be clear, all switches respond very fast <1sec, but for example the one in the bathroom and my office are always instantaneous, but the one in our bedroom most of the time takes a little more time. Sometimes that’s also instantaneous. Does anyone have any idea where that’s coming from?

Hey there

There could be multiple reasons. Perhaps the distance or materials. Also, could it be that the light responds slower at all?

Some logs can provide information here :slight_smile:

Option 1: To get debug logs in a GUI installation, open deCONZ and click Help . After that, click Debug View . The following debug levels need to be enabled for proper logging: INFO , INFO_L2 , ERROR , ERROR_L2 , APS , APS_L2 .

Option 2: To get debug logs in a headless installation / ssh session, use the following commands:

      sudo systemctl stop deconz-gui
      sudo systemctl stop deconz
      /usr/bin/deCONZ -platform minimal --dbg-aps=2 --dbg-info=2 --dbg-error=2 > debug.txt

When done, exit the process with CTRL+C . You can now start the systemctl service again. Your logs will be in the debug.txt file in the current directory. Be sure to capture at least a few minutes worth of logs. When sharing these logs, DO NOT attempt to paste them into a channel. Instead use a pastebin service such as this or this. When done, don’t forget to disable logging. This is especially important when running off an SD card, as it will cause unnessecary writes, and might shorten the life of your media.

It seems to get better with every new beta release. Now for the last days with 2.12.4 response times have been great. You said to capture a few minutes of logs, but when I enable these debug levels the logs are flooded. Are you sure thats helpful? And what would you want me to do in these minutes? Just a few presses on the affected switch and a few on a responsive switch?