Devices unreachable - Zigbee Channel 0 - Conbee II defect?

Hi my Conbee II Stick was working fine for month on my Raspberry Pi 4b.
Now my Aquara Sensors are not reachable anymore.
Zigbee Channel in Phoscon is showing 0
Zigbee Network id is unknown.

deconz and firemware are the newest and phoscon is also working.
but i cannot reset the gateway or change the channel.

i already reinstalled deconz on my pi. systemctl status shows no errors at all.

what could i do?

There’s a bug in Debian currently, might apply to you situation as well.

thank you so much!
i can confirm i had this bug too.

here my fix:
i created a new file to override the deconz.service to prevent it from being overwritten after future updates:

ExecStart=/usr/bin/deCONZ -platform minimal --http-port=80 --dev=/dev/ttyACM0

now my sensors are working again!

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