Devices to measure power consumption

Can someone recommend a Zigbee device to measure the power consumption? I have several sockets which are supposed to measure it, but they don’t really work. Most don’t give any numbers. The only one that somewhat works is the Nous A1Z. Here I have one entry for current consumption, but it always says 0 W. There are values for the current and the voltage, and if I multiply them, the results seems to make sense. However, it’s not clear to me how accurate this is. And finally, there is an entry for total consumption in Wh, but that is off by a factor of ~10. It would be ok, if it is exactly 10, but I don’t really know.

So if you have any suggestion for a device that works under deconz (ConBee II) and iobroker, please let me know.

May be you could do a “device request” for your non working devices ? Then we could have a look to have them fully supported if possible.

I use many Nous a1Z with phoscon and fhem.
for each socket i have 3 devices autocreated:
1 to switch power on/off
1 to show the actual power
1 to cumulate the cosumption over time

The second/third one are only shown as sensors. Bute they provide liable results for me.

The plugwise circles do the same. They are also zigbee controlled, is saying.
You can find them on as second hand devices.