Devices show in deCONZ but won't pair in Phoscon

I am using the HA addon for this, I can see the items in deConz but they just wont pair.

I have 2 x Motion Sensors and 1 zigbee button, they show in deconz but when I put them to pair and try and detect a switch or sensor in Phoscon it just goes through for 3 minutes and times out.

Hello, all seem fine, can you give your deconz version and the modelid/ManufactureName of devices ?
Visible on the cluster 0x0000 or the “info” panel.
Remember for sensor you can need to “awake” the device in same time.

The Switch is a Tuya TS0041 and the sensors are TS0202

The devices are not supported in your version and thus not in phoscon.

I recommend checking the model id / manufacturer name in deconz and match that with GitHub to see if it’s actually supported but in a later version or not all.

He is right, you can found at least 20/30 “TS0041” or “TS0202”, need too the manufacture name.