Devices reported ON or OFF randomly, please help me to understand

Hello everyone,
Recently I started to migrate my devices from a Homey Pro to deConz using a Conbee II and the deconz integration on Home Assistant installed on a Raspberry Pi 4 8gb.

Both Conbee II and Deconz are at their lastest version, I’m using a short USB extension cable and it’s the only USB or serial device

Initially everthing was worknig flawlessy but when I finished pairing all my devices (I didn’t paired them all the same day, I have around 40 devices) something very odd happened.

Some devices mainly IKEA one’s but also some Lightify and tuya zigbee report to change their state from ON to OFF or viceversa (without being activated by any automaion or user) but in reality they don’t turn ON or OFF. Only the 2 IKEA bulbs I have randomly turn on effectively with no reason.

Deconz is linked to Homey PRO and Home Assistant (no active flows or automation at the moment) and they both follow the devices state reported by the Phoscon interface.

I have no idea on how to debug this, can someone please help me?

Thank you in advance.


Can you share the websocket events?

Yes I’ll do that when I’ll be back from work, I may found a cause though.
One of the last associated motion sensor (Ikea brand) was reporting correctly it’s state but when triggered the state of some devices was switched to ON (without being effectively turned on). Now that I removed this sensor everything seems to work fine for the moment. It sounds very odd to me though

Perhaps a direct binding was set up and the lights were connected directly to it.

If that was the case the light should effectively change their state, right?

The lights were only reported to be turned on but did not change their real state.

I’ve tried turning off both extensions on Homey and HA before deleting the motion sensor and the devices were reported to be on but not really turned on from the phoscon app too.
Is it possible that the pairing process was not properly finish or that the sensor created some sort of interference every time it was triggered?

Yes, that is true.