Device search: ZHASwitch like TRADFRI open/close remote


I’m looking for a open/close remote like those from Ikea. I want to control my Ubisys J1 Window covering devices wirelessly.

Is there a product you can acutally buy (you cant buy those from Ikea) that has open and close und works with deCONZ?

I’m not sure if I understand the question.
But I see there is a ubisys Smart Home app for Android and Apple which might do what you want.

Thanks but no. I am Looking for a device like the Remote that comes with FYRTUR Verdunklungsrollo, smart kabellos/batteriebetrieben grau, 60x195 cm - IKEA Deutschland (ZHASwitch, you can pair it with deconz. It creates a group - you add the fyrtut to that group and can control it with that Remote even when deconz is down).

Ikea does Not sell the remote separatly