Device request Phoscon: YNOA wireless dimmer switch

Looking for a wireless dimmer switch with turn knob and found this one.
Info I’ve got is;
ID ZBT-DIMSwitch-D000
EAN 8718801528334

Where can I find if this product is compatible with deconz? The product is supposed to work with ZIGBEE2MQTT.

You can find the lists for compatible devices on our homepage: Compatibility

Unfortunately, YNOA means nothing to me at all. I could not find anything on Blackadder either. Probably a device request would have to be created: [Read Me] Device request read me

@edwin2023 Can you share the link from Z2m?

Would this be helpful?
I want to purchase two of these but want to make sure they will work :wink:
Thw wife part would be very happy…

Note that the Phoscon list is not up-to date. General thumb of rule is to search github issues for the Manufacturer name / Model ID.

I have did so, but failed to find this device supported @edwin2023 . However, support should be easy to add with DDF’s.

I purchased one with extended return privilege.
Together with a philips bulb master value e27 Ean 242494 and a dim/switch Adorosmart Erica 200W zigbee (Ean 0852263008640) from for testing purposes. As soon they arrive I will test and come back.

If it doesn’t work out of the box, you should open device requests as Gautama linked.

Device request opened

Device name #6939

I would love to have a bit help on github with the ddf and log part :wink:

@Smanar is already helping you on that device request, what kind of other help do you need ?

Best to keep any chat in that GitHub issue :slight_smile:

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Alright, I’ll stay in github until it’s working

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Oh as we have this issue here, i’ll move it to the Phoscon area.

@de_employees Request is to have this supported in Phoscon too as we have it working in deCONZ.

@mimixx. Thnx!

When could I expect this device working in phoscon app, any time frame?

1 and ??? months. Phoscon is never quick with developments. Haven’t seen a lot of changes in the past years. I wouldn’t put my hopes up and search other methods. For example, use Hue Essentials to map the buttons using Rules in deCONZ.

Not really for me, I use Homeseer. So for me it’s almost solved, have to figure out long press for dimming.
I’m able to use the button. It’s just for others

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