Device managed but not displayed on Phocon

Hi to all
I’ve some strange issue, i’ve connected a new device (seen as TZ2000 on HomeAssistant.)
The device is managed by the ConBee II correctly, When i added the device, discovering process says “ok one new device”. But no displayed on the Phoscon web page management.

Normal issue ?


Please post in the correct category next time, I moved it to the correct location.

To answer your question, yes this is normal.

If you see devices within deCONZ but not in Phoscon, that is most of the time perfectly normal. Phoscon is closed source and needs devices to be added manually by their developer. However, the device will still be usable with the API/Home-Assistant/OpenHAB etc. You may want to go ahead and request support for your device at the Forums.