Device is not visable in phoscon

Raspi 4
Conbee 2 with usb extension
deCONZ 2.19.01 / 19.9.2022
Müller Spots Tint
Phoscon APP

Hi Support,

all lights are available in phoscon app except for one.
But i can see the light in deconz (blue mode).
But I cant delete the light in deCONZ.
Can someone help?


That’s not a light, that’s the Conbee :slight_smile:

Then everything is clear to me thanks !

But one light simply cannot be found by phoscon
Could it be because it was so gray in phoscon before? I have it removed.

I have many times reset the 3 lights. Only two are visible. In the tint app I can see all lights.
Any ideas ?

What do you mean with tint app?

The app from Mueller hey- tint

There I can see all lights.

Could be a few things.

1; not all lights are zigbee. That app seems to be bluetooth
2; you have them paired to another bridge. That being said, you can only have zigbee devices in 1 network. Not both.
3: interference.

It would help to provide logs. There’s a topic called how to get logs which explains how you can create and share them.

It would be useful if you made logs while pairing.


1: thats all zigbee Lights (The App can manage over bluetooth)
2: when the app acts as a bridge, then that would be the problem . Good point.
3. there is a wifi repeater directly behind the router. But never had a problem until now, probably another channel

here are he link to

At the last lines i have reset the lights and have start an scan from phoscon.
Hope you can see something. Total must be 9 lights /spots.

Thank you!


I can’t open these pastes for some reason.

lets test again

Thanks for asking this question i am also facing the same problem.


I have fixed this issue.

I removed the lamps in the garden. Then I learned again. The missing lamp was found immediately. Sometimes the connection in the last corner of the garden is too weak, then the lamp in the Phoscon turns gray and cannot be controlled.
I don’t know why.