Device in DeCONZ but not in Phoscon


I’am not sure how it handle, I use a device from Tuya and the DDF is already from the system, unfortunatel I couldnt see it in Phoscon, and I have no Idea how I should update it.


Maybe someone has a idea?



If you change the device status from “Silver” to “gold”. Then save it and re-pair it, it should work.

ok I change it to gold what you mean with re-pair it?

Reset your device and search for it again.

great now it function. Will stay the DDF now like it is or with the next update it will be change again?

If your device works great now, i recommend doing a PR to make the current version have “Gold” instead of Silver. That way it will work :slight_smile:

but if it is a official DDF would be not als recommendet to change it their :wink:

Silver means that it might be correct but not tested.

To become gold, it needs to be tested.

So if you have tested it, it can be changed. :slight_smile:

it is testet and it function :smiley:

Feel free to create a PR on Github :slight_smile:

should I put it than to the old ticket?

done :wink:

no luck I get everytime a Pull request creation failed. Validation failed: must be a collaborator

You probably got to clone to a local branch first.

If you have only 1 PR to do, just try to edit the file, github will say you haven’t right, so it create a fork automatically, edit the file and prepare the PR

done :wink:

lol and already valided, was fast this one ^^, thx.