Device appear in decoz but not phoscon, also not in HA

i first add new switch in phoscon, then press pair in device, no response for 3 mins, but when i go to decoz, it appear as 0xXXX, i click on it i can control the on off, but not appear at phoscon so also not in HA, please advise


You need to request device support on GitHub.

thanks for yr advice, is that mean phoscon isnt support this device yet so cant show in the app but at deconz?

also can you confirm is this the github u mentioned? in this github everyone post for device request but while i cant control it in decoz, not sure if this is the github u mention about

The reason you can’t control in deconz is because of tuya. However, support can still be added in the deconz rest api. That exposes it to phoscon and home assistant.

Yes that’s the correct GitHub.