Develco Norwgian Han "not reachable" but still alive

I have a Develco Norwegian Han sensor of type EMIZB-132 which now for sometime has been listed as not reachable in the Phoscon App. This status comes and goes and it was last reachable on 29/5. I have had this unit for over a year and not detected this status for this unit before the last month. The unit provides two sensors readings “power/consumption” and “voltage/phase current”, which is sent to my Home Assistant. It is the power/consumption sensor that is no longer reported correctly, while the voltage/phase current information is.

As mention the sensor is listed as “not reachable”, but cliking on it is show live info about the voltage level. So I am somewhat puzzeled why it is not reachable.

As a work around I am getting needed info via the API interface as this is still reporting the sensor information I need (see below from the API output from this sensor), so the unit is very much alive and doing its job.

I have tried the obvious things I think for getting it back; Restarted the gateway, triggered the sensor on the push button, but have not managed to get any status change. The sensor is quite close to the gateway and has a strong signal.

I am using version: 2.15.03 of the app and firmware 26680700 on my Conbee II

Is there other methods of getting this unit to work correcty again without reintegrate the device?

Phoscon App

Sensor input

"config": {
    "interfacemode": 1,
    "on": true,
    "reachable": false
"ep": 2,
"etag": "f542ed9250232e9bd6dc2d35252dde35",
"lastannounced": "2022-05-29T06:56:30Z",
"lastseen": "2022-05-29T06:56Z",
"manufacturername": "Develco Products A/S",
"modelid": "EMIZB-132",
"name": "Electricity Sensor (2)",
"state": {
    "consumption": 102457010,
    "lastupdated": "2022-06-05T20:21:01.705",
    "power": 1539
"swversion": "2019-07-11 23:47",
"type": "ZHAConsumption",
"uniqueid": "00:15:bc:00:1b:02:4c:db-02-0702"


That behavior should be corrected with Fix setting lastannounced and sensor reachable by manup · Pull Request #6106 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub and part of the upcoming version.