Deconz-wifi service usefulness with Conbee II

I just deployed Phoscon app on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspberry OS Buster and connected by Ethernet cable. Wifi is deactivated.
Phoscon app is for Conbee II USB key plugged to Raspberry and recognized by Phoscon Web App.

Among new running processes I can see:

  • /bin/bash /usr/bin/ launched by deconz-update.service
  • /bin/bash /usr/bin/ launched by deconz-wifi.service

I understand the first’s role is to keep the app up-to-date.
But I do not understand what the second is for. Looks like it is dedicated to another product, so can I safely disable its automatic startup?


Yes the systemd service can be safely disabled. The service is meant for Raspberry Pi as “simple gateway” to be able to configure WiFi client or access point mode via the Phoscon App.

Thank you for your feedback. I am not sure to understand the feature, but I confirm there is no impact to my usage (zigbee controller on my domoticz server) once deconz-wifi service is stopped and disabled.

Sorry to come back, but I noticed deconz-wifi and deconz-update services are always coming back alive and enable. I assume there is some kind of watchdog somewhere?

Have you tried

sudo systemctl mask deconz-wifi

And yes it come back after a restart. Somes users delete the file direclty.

Both wifi and update services were wanted by main deconz server service inside systemd deconz.service file. I commented the line.
Did know about the mask systemctl command.