Deconz Web UI, lamp color value

I create scenes using the Deconz app. a value is displayed for brightness so I can easily sync the brightness values between different lamps (and groups). It would be ever so helpful to have the color value of the lamp displayed as a value too so I can sync the colors or light temperatures as well.

It seems development of the conbee II (and decons) has come to a stop, so if I wanted to do this myself, where do I get started? - I am an experienced programmer, and could download the sources from github.

If there is stil any development going on, please consider this as a feature request :wink: when you got an development system up-and-running.

My ConbeeII stick runs Deconz, on docker on a Synology DS718 NAS.

TIA - Hans

I think you mean phoscon.

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Yes, you are absolutely right. It is the Phoscon Web UI that I mean :slight_smile: Is this the wrong place to ask?

Phoscon is closed source, so unfortunately you can’t do anything.

Oh my, you win the quick-response price today :>

In that case, what would be the right place to make this FR?

hah, already found it …

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Pure coincidence :wink: