deCONZ shows loss of link to Aqara sensors

Well this is interesting. I just showed six sensors that appeared to lose connection. I can tell when they actually have lost connection because either the battery feature shows “unreachable” or the date of of any feature update is hours or days ago.

However, my Aqara mmwave motion sensor showed disconnected but still worked. Anyway, I moved the six sensors off to the side in the deCONZ app but got involved in doing something else. 45-60 minutes later I came back to the problem and all the sensors had lines showing a connection except for the mmwave sensor that still doesn’t show a connection, but is working properly.

So if a connection is lost it’s deCONZ and if a connection appears to be broken, it’s still deCONZ as the problem as far as I can tell.

Thoughts anyone?


Hello, the “green link” don’t mean connexion.
Some device don’t have them, and thoses sensors are sleeper, so can need 1 hour for the “line” appear.

Aquara is not compatible with all routers, can you show a network capture from deconz ?
Are you sure for battery level ?
Aquara sensors can leave if they loose their parent (so never move them after pairing)

What do you mean by show a network capture from deconz, you mean a screenshot or some log?
Battery is new. When the line disappears the sensor has lost communication. That is for certain, at least for one of the sensors that is problematic. I replaced that sensor with another new one and the same thing happens.

There are two sensors (one for each refrigerator door within one inch of each other. This worked perfectly for a few years but now is worse and worse.

He means a screenshot of the deconz gui

Right now, the Attic Temperature is the only device not connected.
A few days ago, there were others but I re-connected by searching for new sensors.

Do you remember the working version and your actual one ? There is often some change on zigbee core.

You haven’t put a metallic device in front of the plugs ?
Perhaps the sensor is usng new parent less reliable ? Try to look if disconnecting device are not connected to same router/parent.

If i count correctly, you have 10 routers and 35 sensors. Seeing that there is weak connections between some routers, I think you need to have more routers in your network to make it more stable. In general, a router can have 10 to 20 connections depending on the router. Conbee can do 24 but we often see a limit of 15 directly. Generally, a 1 to 2 ratio is advisable.