Deconz service <-> deconz-gui

Hi everyone,

I am using deCONZ on a headless server within a LXC container.
Therefor i disabled deCONZ GUI autostart service and enabled the background service.

From time to time i need a GUI.
This is not a problem via SSH and X11 forward.

BUT I need to stop the background service first and start the GUI then.
When I am done I have to do it the other way round.
Some data needs to be “re-collected” by deCONZ when starting the GUI and the REST is not available in the meantime.

Is there a way without stopping the service?
Use the GUI as front end for the running daemon.

Thank you!

I don’t think, sorry, it’s the same application with 2 working mode, not a working mode like a front end and a deamon.