deCONZ Router Network Settings (TC Link Key)

I’m using conbee2 with fw 26780700.
With deCONZ I can edit all the network parameters except the TC Link Key which remains the default one. Is this still a bug not resolved or a wanted behavior?
I would like to join an existing network as router and for this I would like to change the TC Link Key to a different one from the default but the parameter does not save, all the others do.

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Perhaps if you change the mode from Coordinator to Router?

It’s not the TC link key that needs to be changed.
I haven’t tried this since a while but basically you need to:

  • Leave Network
  • Network Settings…
  • Device Type: Router
  • Predefined PANID: the PANID of the network to join
  • TC Address: 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF (distributed trust center)
  • APS Use Ext PANID: the extended PANID of the network to join
  • Security Mode: Preconfigured Network Key
  • Network Key: network key of the network to join
  • Static NWK Address: enabled
  • NWK Address: a unused NWK address (e.g. something like 0x5555 likely works)
  • Channel Mask: the channel of the network to join
  • Save
  • Join Network

With that it’s possible to join a Philips Hue network. But I wouldn’t recommend it other then to snoop around or having ConBee in the network as strong repeater without deCONZ running. Since deCONZ will interfere with the other main coordinator/controller in that network.

Note that for correct configuration a few parameters need to be known, these can only be observed via a Zigbee sniffer, the network key can be seen while joining another device like a light to the network.

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