deCONZ + RaspBee II to Database

Dear Community,

RPi 3B+ as SmartHome server with I2C interface for switching relays.

For subsequent monitoring of a window I bought a RaspBee II and a window sensor.
This is correctly detected by the deConz, Open / Close is displayed.

My question please:

Is there a way that deConz writes the status on change to a database (mySQL)?
It would be really great if someone could give me a clue.
Thanks a lot

Hello, I m not sure to understand.
You can use deconz with third app, some of them use direclty SQL database ConBee II Overview

By defaut deconz use sql too (for itself), but not sure you will find the information you need.

All thid app use the websocket connexion to known the sensor status.

Thank you for the quick answer.
I use Python and php in conjunction with a
mysql database for my controlling.
My guess was that there is an small API for deCONZ that can write the status change to a mysql database.
I don’t want to install a whole system just to use this function.


If you known enought python or php, you can perhaps code a websocket connexion direclty, perhaps harder with php, but sure it work with python.

I don’t understand the motivation here, do you want to use deconz mysql with your php page instead of hosting your own mysql instance? Is it only to showcase the state of the window sensor because you don’t need a database to report the sensor state.