DeConz RaspBee II installation problems on 64bit Raspberry Pi OS

The described installation is not working in case that you want to use the new 64 bit Version of Raspberry Pi OS.

If you try to install wiringpi-latest.deb you get a error message which says that it needs libc6.

I installed libc6 via:

sudo apt install libc6-dev-armel-cross libc6-dev-armhf-cross

and installation was done.

On a seconed try (got some problems with other pakets and deceided to start at 0 again) I installed libc6 before I started to follow the instruction of DeConz installation.

This time I got the fault message the I need to repair libc6 by using

sudo apt --fix-broken install

I´m just wondering what caused that. The only difference was that I used

sudo apt install deconz

before I used

sudo apt install libc6-dev-armel-cross libc6-dev-armhf-cross

Tried it again and started again by 0 and got the same fault. If I install libc6 befor I install deconz I have to repair libc6 to install wiring-latest.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a other way to install deconz on 64bit Raspberry OS?

The wiringPi library is an optional dependency for GCFFlasher 3.x and mainly used to support updating very old firmware, which can’t be flashed without a GPIO reset. The upcoming GCFFlasher 4 has replaced wiringPi with the standard Linux library libgpoid.

The deCONZ package should install fine without wiringPi, in Discord there is a report which already installed it that way.

Thanks for the answer this may solve the installation problems but something seem to happen to the libc6 installation after you installed deconz. In case that you need libc6 you get the same problems after the installation of deconz.