deCONZ permanently loses the connection to the ConBee II Stick

Hey guys,

I am new here and yesterday I set up a Raspberry 4 with Home Assistant. Now I have a ConBee II stick connected and could also already connect a lamp and a switch. But then I noticed that the switch constantly in short intervals no longer reacts.
Then I opened the deCONZ page and I noticed that deCONZ loses the connection to the ConBee stick every 5-10 seconds and automatically reconnects after 15 seconds. Also the firmware display in Phoscon toggles between “not connected” and “26720700”.

I use an extension cable for the ConBee stick, but have also left it out for testing, because I first suspected the cable. But I get the same behavior, with and without extension.

Here are two screen shots from the log:

Can anyone help me with this problem?

What Powersupply are you using? Does it has enough power? Any other items attached to the pi using power?

I use the original power supply from the Raspberry Pi 4 (5.1V, 3.0 A, 15.3 W).
The Raspberry sits in an Argon One M.2 case with a 128 GB SSD.
Apart from the SSD and the built-in fan, no other consumers are connected.

I think that’s the issue: Not enough power.

It seems to be disconnecting everytime. Additionally, interference can also be an issue (usb3.0 due to SSD).

Ok, ordered a stronger power supply and will report back.

I hope it is not due to interference with USB3. I got the Argon case with M2 SSD especially for Home Assistant, so I don’t get SD card problems. Actually, the housing is intended for such home automation solutions.
Can anything be done against interference?

Extension cable and usb2. 0 usage.

I have had the same issue with Rpi4 on 4 separate sites …
A bigger RPi power won’t hjelp, because the port itself cannot supply enough juice.
The only solution is a powered USB HUB for the Conbee.
My HUBs also have a Z-Wave stick and a SSD plugged into them. Works well together.

So you have a raspberry 4 with 1 conbee + 1 Zwave stick + 1 SSD and have power issues ? (Or I forget USB devices)

Yes, but all on a powered USB HUB. The HUB is the only USB item connected to the RPi4.
The low power output on USB ports on the RPi4 is a design flaw. Also for ZigBee there is an interference issue, so the stick need to be away from the RPi4. Sometimes a simple extension is enough, but the foolproof solution is a powered USB HUB. Both USB2 and USB3 HUBs works fine, connected to any RPI4 port. (USB2 or USB3)

One post of many on the subject: HF Noise from RaspberyPi 4 - SatNOGS - Libre Space Community

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