Deconz not working after system upgrade


So I had, until a few hours ago, a working home-assistant with a conbee 2 on debian buster on a NUC and thought of upgrading the system to bullseye (it was time)… But it seems that it was a really bad idea.

I managed to update everything without issue, updated the repo, deconz service started, home-assistant started. Everything seems to be present but I can’t do anything .

To help with everything deconz is giving no logs at all when you try to activate something helping a lot to debug. I tried to find how to activate debugs but I have already changed my service more than 10 times with no results so it’s starting to be really annoying.

Did someone has the same issues or knows how to make deconz give logs?

The current service configuration that is not working:

Description=deCONZ: ZigBee gateway -- REST API
Wants=deconz-init.service deconz-update.service

ExecStart=/usr/bin/deCONZ \
          -platform minimal --http-port=80 \
          --dbg-aps=2 --dbg-info=2 --dbg-error=2


You probably are affected by this

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Yes, seems to be something like that. The solution with the modification of the service did not work, what did the trick for me was the last answer with this link:


It did work to make the deCONZ service work, but it broke my Debian… lost apt and everything else, can’t access to docker, most things are in segfault… So my current solution is to reinstall everything as I could make a backup I should be able to get everything back-up (maybe)

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You probably changed something you shouldn’t have.

Juste followed the guide and added the backport… The fact that there is no package for bullseye, discovered that on a fresh installed did not help.

So I reinstalled a buster and what a surprise, it doesn’t work anymore. Firmware appears as not connected.

I checked and the dongle is detected, the symlink is up. I managed to reupload my backup… but still firmware not connected.

Don’t know what to do, I already added the --dev=/dev/ttyACM0 and it did detect some thing but I’m still locked with this in the gateway:

Redid the install step by step, without deleting anything and it did not work.

Took me some time to realize… I had put the rights to dialout to root and not to the user I created during the debian installation… Did not realize the service was running with that user… It finally work…

What should be remember from this:

  • Never update to Debian bullseye if you are not on a raspberry it will never work
  • Don’t try to install on Debian bullseye the package doesn’t exists.
  • If someone developing on the conbee ever comes through here, please add logs, lots and lots of logs, I don’t care if they don’t live long, just throw everything you have. I can’t see anyone being annoyed at too much logs (but I saw a lot of people annoyed by the fact that there are none), after more than 15 hours trying to debug this I promise you that it would have been welcome.
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Sooo… seems like I did not spent enough time on this… I managed to have the firmware but it only worked for a few moments… And now it doesn’t work again.

Please read the linked github issue carefully.

Nothing to do with the github issue as I rolled backed to buster to have something working.

It seems that the last issue was just the dongle getting disconnected and just unpluging and repluging it worked for now.

I am not sure if it has to do with the version of the OS. It has to do with a package (iirc) called UDEV.

That manages the USB devices.