Deconz new webinterface ip/pwa not usable if more than 3 deconz instance are running

i have now 3 deconz devices running

1x raspbee - ip.10
1x conbee - ip.1
1x conbee II -ip.99

if i want to use now the new webinterface (/pwa) it only shows 2 devices and the second entry changes always between the one i need but is only there for ms - so i can’t click it even - if i’m on the IP - i need access to…

so you can see that i’m on ip.1 but only ip.10 and ip.99 are shown - ip.1 changes with ip.99 but so fast that there is no way that i can click on it - so i must now turnoff one deconz to access the needed one - can this limitation be removed that it is possible to use more than 2 deconz devices within the same network?