Deconz Misidentifying Hue Bulb

I am returning to HA after a 3 year hiatus and having trouble getting back to where I left off. I distinctly remember Philips Hue bulbs being quite easy (scarily so from a security standpoint) to integrate and manipulate via my Conbee II. But, now I’m having a helluva time getting them to pair properly. For the longest time, I couldn’t get it to detect the light at all. But, after using the Hue Android app to pair with, update the firmware, and reset the bulb, I am having some luck pairing to it. The problem now appears to be that Phoscon is identifying my Phillips Hue bulb as a "Signify Netherlands B.V. LCA003 Version 1.93.11 light. I believe the model and firmware versions are correct. When attempting to actually control functions of the light in HA, it fails miserably with “failed to call service” errors. I am assuming because it is trying to send commands to the light that make no sense. I’m on the latest bulb firmware, HA version, and conbee II firmware 9/19/2022. (264A0700) Any ideas?