Deconz maintenance

Is deconz actually maintained? I see minimal activity in github: Commits · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

Would be nice to know what’s the deal/status, so users can take informed decisions on which system to use for their zigbee network.


It is. But due to holiday season it’s been down. Only one person @manup is able to merge and does the full code.

Thank you for your answer.

Also in November there was little activity, and none in December. Could you please expand more on what type of commitment there is in this project?

IIRC I saw also a thread where this was asked, you pinged the dev and there was not even an answer.

If there’s active development, I would expect to see commits or activity at least weekly.

Then it’s a matter to understand what active development means for you: one dev fully on deconz? one dev when s/he gets the time on its own free time (after work)? It’d be nice to understand this.

Thank you again.

@de_employees This is up to you to answer :slight_smile:

Personally: I’m a volunteer who replies when he feels like it. So are most others. The only ones employed are the group i just tagged.

thanks! I look forward to hear @de_employees opinion on this.

Just to be clear: I am not trying to say that there’s enough work on deconz, I am already using a great product and it’s basically free, which is amazing already. I am just trying to understand what is the model you folks are using. Phoscon is a private company and at the end they put the money where they think is right, just asking if deconz is in their future plans, because looking at the last couple of months activity, I’d say it’s not.

Thank you!

Also in November there was little activity, and none in December. Could you please expand more on what type of commitment there is in this project?

I can’t answer for DE part, but about the API (where you are looking the activity) you can take a look in the PR waiting list here Pull requests · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

There is activity on the API, but all is blocked (since sooo long time) time to stabilise the deconz code.

yeah 100+ open PRs means there are people willing to help, but they don’t achieve much if these are not reviewed, approved, merged, tested and released.

deCONZ is of course under constant development and will see a number of innovations, improvements and adjustments in the coming year. In the last quarter of this year we have fully concentrated on our new product, the Hive.
For now, I just can say please be patient. We are aware of all these requests but we are also a really small team.


our last deCONZ stable Version 2.19.3 was released just 2 weeks ago with a bunch of bugfixes.


from this I imply there’s a roadmap already, could this be shared with everyone?


2 release in almost 7 months. Where’s all the exciting stuff mentioned? I feel I’ve just been BS by product trash talk here, just random announcement without details and the reality is totally different. Deconz seems dead to me, I’ll switch to something else.

I have the same feelings because there are no real new features added to the software itself. Mostly bugfixes and new zigbee devices supports. I love this product and are very happy with it for the last years. But I fear I will have to change my system in the future because it doesn’t seem to grow. I will still stick with it for now.

I would like to know where you got your numbers. We have released seven releases in six months with very many improvements, new DDF’s for new devices and a large amount of bug fixes.

For transparency: we are a team of eleven people covering ALL areas of a company. So contractual, development in software and hardware, sales, marketing and so on. That is not an excuse. It is just for understanding. In our Android app (which by the way was also released in this period) a huge amount of new features are included, which are now gradually being drawn level with the web app.

We also added a “Currently under development” section to our changelog page. Here you can see which points we are currently working on.

I ask that these points be considered before half-truths are thrown around.

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I believe he is looking at the stable releases.

Speculation. He mentions trash talk and fabricates some himself. I mean, everyone should feel free to use whatever they want, no problem. But if you’re going to complain, then please do so in a well-founded way and with context.

Of course I am looking at stable releases. And “stable” is a big term because every time I get hit with a new problem which makes part of my system unusable or unstable. Look for my past threads for proofs. The last ones I am having I am not even reporting because I lost faith.

Gautama, I got really annoyed by your previous post which was trying to sell you’re doing many things this year, my question for what things got unanswered and then after 7 months the real facts say 2 stable releases, which is way less than even the previous year!

The fact that many beta releases are not even released might be even more worrying cos there might be new problems discovered that are hard to solve. But who knows? Zero communication of what’s happening.

Which beta versions were not released?
I was just as annoyed about your post, because no examples are brought or connections are shown.
Things we have done and are working on can be read in the two links I have already posted several times.
Of course there are less releases coming than last year. Especially since we are only at the half of 2023 and on the other hand also new topics such as the mobile app, matter / thread and new devices have come from our side. You may also have noticed that while we are releasing fewer updates in general, there is significantly more content in each update than in previous years.
This is not put into relation here.
I have no problem at all with criticism and definitely I would never claim that deCONZ or the web app work flawlessly and perfectly. This may then please also factual and in a certain form be brought forward.
Zero communication is simply wrong. I’m sorry that there is such bitterness here.

Moderation note for everyone involved: keep this civil and fair. Don’t bring each other down. This goes for everyone. Im on holiday, and would like you guys to keep the peace. If you can’t do that, I’ll lock it up.

@eweriuer I believe you are running the home assistant addon. The home assistant addon is not maintained by Dresden elektronik . The devs behind HA only update the addon by stable versions.

My personal opinion, i have been running deconz as ha addon in the past and had issues similar to yours. After switching to a dedicated PI and deconz on Linux. That way, it felt more stable and furthermore I had more control over updates.


I’ve been using deconz standalone for long time, and then switched to the HA addon, which suits more my needs. The same problems happen in both scenarios. Anyway I said what I had to say, which is what I feel. Bye

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