Deconz + Hue Essentials + Montion Sensor


I use a Raspbee II from dresden Elektronic with deCONZ.
All my lamps, buttons and sensors are from Philips Hue.

Did an update to the latest versions a few days ago. Once the firmware of the Raspbee II (26780700) and the deCONZ with the Phoscon App (2.17.01 / 1.7.2022).

Since then I have had the problem that my Hue motion sensors no longer work. All dimmer switches as well as Smartbutton work wonderfully, also everything within the Hue Essential App works. I can create scenes, select scenes, turn lights on and off, reassign buttons and so on.

I have about 70-80 lights and corresponding motion sensors and buttons. Everything worked perfectly until now, but now these problems.

All devices were set up via the Phoscon app. They were then configured via the Hue Essentials App (iOS). The motion detectors are displayed, can be set and also react. So the light and temperature sensors, as well as the sensitivity, can be adjusted and the sensor reacts.

What doesn’t work now is that the corresponding group is switched on. The lights just stay off. No matter which function I set. The signal does not seem to be passed on to the lights.

Removing the motion detectors, the group or the individual lamps and re-integrating and configuring them did not bring any improvement.
Restoring the previously used version (2.15 and 26720700) was also unsuccessful. A previously created backup in Phoscon did not help either.

Now comes the funny thing about it. When I set the sensors via the Phoscon app, they work fine. But via the settings in the Hue Essentials app they don’t. Which worked fine until before the updates.
The setting options in the Phoscon app are unfortunately so severely limited and rudimentary. They are completely unsuitable for beautiful automations.

Now the big question is what happened and where the problem lies. deConz or Hue Essentials? Does one make something new that the other does not support? Or whatever. And why only the motion sensors and not the whole system?

I will be happy to provide more information and screenshots.
Could anyone possibly help me with this?
Especially the motion detectors are extremely important, as they are in daily use.

Thank you very much and best regards

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Looping @Thomas in as he is the dev on hue essentials.

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Thank you for the feedback. I was able to reproduce the issue where the actions are not executed on deCONZ 2.17.01. I am not yet sure what is going on. Here is a example of a rule which does not trigger on motion: response.json · GitHub

If you can provide a detailed bug report on git, that would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Erik created an issue here:

Noticed it. Moving this one away to the bug reports section of deconz. Further discussion on the git.

Thanks for reporting!

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