deCONZ Error Code 2001: Network Visualization Failure

Hello everyone,

I’m reaching out to seek assistance with an issue I’ve encountered while using deCONZ. I’m experiencing a problem with visualizing my Zigbee network.

Here are the details:

Issue: Whenever I attempt to visualize my Zigbee network using deCONZ, I receive the following error message:

Error Code 2001: Network Visualization Failure

Error: Unable to visualize Zigbee network.

Here are my system configuration-

deCONZ Version: 2.5.71
Hardware: ConBee II
Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04
Zigbee Devices: Xiaomi sensors

When I was searching about this, I came across this resource- is jira/1376#issuecomment-639357446 and based on this, I tried the following-

Checked Device Connections
Gateway Check
Software Updates
Network Stability
Restarted deCONZ

Despite these efforts, the issue persists.

I’m quite dependent on the network visualization feature for managing my Zigbee network efficiently, so any help to get this resolved would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best regards,

I think this might have to do with a dependency that no longer works or has updated.

Your on a very old deconz version so you might want to update anyway.