deCONZ disconnects from device when the GUI window is dragged around screen (Windows)

I logged a bug/defect in REST API GitHub a fortnight ago

but I didn’t post a message to the forum at the time (this might explain why the issue is about to go stale in Github if nobody knows about it. Perhaps I should be posting to both places ? I’m not yet sure how the forum/gitbub exactly work together)

The bug/defect is to do with deCONZ GUI rather than its REST API, but the bug logging process led me to the REST API GitHub. Description of the issue follows:

Using Windows 10 with the deCONZ GUI open and connected to my Combee II network, I find that dragging the GUI window around the screen frequently causes the GUI to disconnect from the device. This is the only circumstance that unexpected disconnects are occurring.

When the issue occurs, the GUI doesn’t actually crash it just disconnects from the device, and the user is able to directly connect to the device again without issue. Working with the GUI without moving the GUI window (ie normal work open/closing of panels, moving the nodes around within the network chart) is perfectly fine - there are no disconnects under normal & extended operations). There are no issues moving windows from other applications around on the same Windows computer

Occurrence was fairly frequent to begin with, but I’ve gradually ‘trained’ myself to avoid the window manipulation which seemingly leads to the issue, but I’m still hit by the issue from time to time.


Hi, just bump the GitHub issue. The bot makes sure it’s not forgotten about by auto closing. When this happens , all devs get an email from GitHub. However , if there is not a lot of interest on fixing ut,. It can take a while.

No need to post here , as GitHub is enough.