Deconz DDF editor looses some information

When using DDF editor inside DeConz some information are lost.

For exemple in DDF we have :

          "name": "attr/swversion",
          "refresh.interval": 84000,
          "read": {
            "at": "0x0001",
            "cl": "0x0000",
            "ep": 1,
            "fn": "zcl"
          "parse": {
            "at": "0x0001",
            "cl": "0x0000",
            "ep": 1,
            "fn": "zcl",
            "script": "tuya_swversion.js"

Then in DDF editor it’s displayed like this :


Someone can see that the expression is automatically read from the tuya_version.js and them both are displayed ?! But that’s not my point …

When displying the “Preview” we can see that all has dispeared and when you save that DDF “swversion” become completely empty :

          "name": "attr/swversion"

Probably something to see with DDF Editor not reloading DDF from disk · Issue #6538 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

On my side, when an user edit a DDF using a text editor, I say him to reload deconz. I have so much problem with the editor ATM.

You have used the “load” feature to load your DDF ?

And if you try to edit a field, just add a char and remove it (to trigger a field change), it don’t update the “preview” ?

“load” feature is of no utility (clearly related to bug you’ve made reference to).
I’m just editing already loaded DDF and modifying a field is working, when using it that way : “edit DDF”, modifying something using GUI, “File” “Save” and “Hot reload”. It seems to works in that sequence.

But not for swversion attribute. Modifying in GUI doesn’t change anything in preview. That’s why I opened a different issue.

OK, I can confirm too.

1 -“name”: “attr/swversion” is not updated in the preview tab.
2 - if we save the DDF, all modifications already present in the DDF are deleted.

@Mimiix it’s a new bug in the deconz application, we are at good place to make a report ?

Yep looks good. Thanks!