deCONZ connections yellow

vllt. it doesn’t quite fit in this forum, but vllt. you have a tip anyway.
I have rebuilt my Phoscon/Deconz on a Proxmox Ubuntu 20.04 VM.
After that I made a backup from the Phoscon GUI and restored it.
So far all adapters are present. I can also switch the HUE lights.

Only the connections remain “almost” all yellow

The lines indicate the signal quality.

Check the manual for more info on that:

Hi Mimiix, thanks for your super fast feedback. Exactly, sorry got me wrong.
English is not so my thing. :frowning:
Why should the signal quality have changed after a simple Phoscon reinstallation?
When I boot up the old VM, with the Phoscon that the backup came from, all connections are green.
In the new Phoscon, after the restore, the above connection profile is with yellow.

In the 2.13.0 version, this was part of the changelog:
New UI features have been added to find routing issues in a Zigbee network.

The line colors between nodes have more contrast to better show weak links.

Routing depends on how good devices can “see” each other.
The driving parameter here is the Link Quality Indicator (LQI).

For example, given two lights A and B, there are two LQI values in play: (i) How A sees B, and (ii) how B sees A. When the LQI button in deCONZ is enabled these values are shown.

LQI value meanings:

  • 255 excellent
    • 200 good
  • 130 flaky but can work
    • < 100 problematic

Always aim for LQI values of 200 and above to get a stable network!

Under “Panels > Source Routing” is a new checkbox Minimum LQI display which hides links below the given LQI value.

When setting a new minimum LQI value, after a few seconds weak links are hidden in the UI, to easier spot areas where a router should be placed.

So it’s basically a optical thing :slight_smile:

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Other question on the side.
Can I actually switch to the Phoscon GUI via the web browser. Currently I always do this via the Proxmox Console?

Strangely, I do not understand why the connections are not in a good state.
Most of the Zigbee devices are close together.
There is one, which is 2m next to the Phoscon/Deconz stick and has no green connection? Strange

Yes, depending on the ports.

The color is shown that fits the LQI.

But what does the link basically look like? Where can I find this?

The color is shown that fits the LQI. It a good feature. But how can I actively improve the quality?

bring them closer, remove interference (other signals).

If they work , they work. I wouldn’t bother with bad connections if they work fine :man_shrugging:

Ok you are right. As long as it works, the signal strength is a minor issue.

Please do not laugh, now I have the problem,
that I no longer see the signal page

Perhaps deconz is already running?
You cant have deconz and deconz-gui at the same time.

Unfortunately no - I have even now reinstalled the Deconz instance.
The same problem.

Can you share some logs?

New install - problem is ok :slight_smile:

New Problem with flash new deconz stick firmware … oh no :frowning:

    root@phoscondeconz:~# ls
beta  deCONZ_ConBeeII_0x26700700.bin.GCF  snap
root@phoscondeconz:~# sudo systemctl stop deconz
root@phoscondeconz:~# sudo systemctl stop deconz-gui
root@phoscondeconz:~# sudo systemctl stop ModemManager
root@phoscondeconz:~# sudo GCFFlasher_internal -t 60 -d /dev/ttyACM0 -f deCONZ_ConBeeII_0x26710700.bin.GCF
GCFFlasher V3_17 (c) dresden elektronik ingenieurtechnik gmbh
error opening firmware file deCONZ_ConBeeII_0x26710700.bin.GCF

The file isn’t in the location where you run the command.

I do not know why this now suddenly no longer works. I have now made the firmware update quickly with Windows 11. Two minutes everything is good.

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