DeCONZ Conbee II - Device Management (Define Lights as Endpoint, Individual Still-Alive Checks)

Hello everybody,
i’m facing two Questions regarding my Zigbee Network (Conbee II, Hassio HomeAssistant with deCONZ Addon, RasPi4), hoping for Solutions to circumvent Hickups :slight_smile:

Is there a Way to define a Device as Endpoint, to prevent it becoming an active Part of the Mesh?
I have some Lights regulary getting physically turned on/off. After getting turned on, some other Devices connect to those Lights. After getting switched off again, the other Devices react with 10-20 secs Delay, if they react at all. Im pretty sure its related to the unavailable Lights “in the Middle” - as soon as i turn switch them on again, the other Devices react without any noticable delay again.

After a Device (Lightbulb) gets physically turned off, it takes between 5-15 mins to become registered as “Unavailable”. Generally that seems to make sense, it would be great if i could granulary adjust the Timeout for specific Devices beeing known to become unavailable often (bc of beeing switched physically).

Thankin you for all suggestions and advices! Have a nice sunday, cheers :slight_smile:

Hello, not good, a device need to be powered all the time, the network is dynamic but do not abuse.

It’s not a setting, a device is an endpoint or a router, natively.

That happen in the API have nothing to see with that happen in the zigbee network. The unreachable state of a device in the API is just an information guessed/estimated by deconz according to network reaction.

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Oh, no good news :frowning:
Though, i thing abuse might be a little to strong? :grin:

So - there is absolutely no Way to configure a Zigbee Network? I thought/hoped, like similar with wifi, there are Possiblities to tweak, adjust, i just cant find.
Maybe even editing settings per device in an config-file?

If theres really no Hope - any other Suggestions how to make it (at least a bit) better? Sending regulary minimal changes to those (reported) turned on Lights, to make it faster understand its no longer there?
A Zigbee Repeater closer to the hard-switched lights, so the other devices don’t feel like hopping might be a good idea?

To change a “device type” (router or end evice) you need to change the device firmware, it’s not a setting.

Use another method to have device always powered ?