Deconz - conbee 3 drains the batteries of the Tradfri / deconz - conbee 3 entleert die Batterien der Tradfri Fernbedienungen

Since I have had the conbee 3, my batteries have been draining within two to three days and I have to replace and re-learn them. Does anyone here also have this problem and possibly a solution to the problem?

bei mir hat sich folgendes Phänomen eingestellt, seitdem ich den conbee 3 habe, entleeren sich innerhalb von zwei bis drei Tagen meine Batterien und ich muß sie tauschen und neu anlernen. Hat irgendjemand hier auch dieses Problem und gegebenenfalls eine Lösung woran es liegen könnte?

I have not noticed faster draining of batteries, but have to re-pair after batteries were empty: Device don't rejoin after battery was empty Have not linked it to Connee III but to a deconz update. But who knows - I updated to Conbee III too

Hello, perhaps this Pr will interest you Force classic join/re-join for devices by manup · Pull Request #7497 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

The problem seems to have been solved for me with the new firmware.
Problem scheint sich bei mir mit der neuen Firmware erledigt zu haben.


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I cannot confirm that this problem is fixed with the newest firmware. I used:

ConBee III with deCONZ_ConBeeIII_0x264f0900.bin.GCF
deConz 2.25.1 installed on macOS

I’m using my old ConBee II at the moment, which works better in terms of batteries.