deCONZ and Phoscon App simultaneously?

Hello Support, Hello Forum,

is there a way to use the deCONZ software and the Phoscon Web Interface simultaneously?

I using the Conbee2 USB stick on a small x64 Debian system in my local network.
I am very interested with the heatmap and the otau function in the deCONZ software. But it is also necessary (as necessary it can be in a local jome network), to set the stick to training / learning mode from my mobile device, when adding a new device / sensor in second floor.

I configured the two options to working standalone on the Debian system, but not together. The WebInterface is not accesible when the deCONZ software run and deCONZ ist not startable when the deconz-gui / deconz service runs (WebGUI is reachable then).

Is there a way?

If there is no easy way, would it be possible to use a second conbee stick as repeater and the repeater stick draws the heatmap then? Would it be possible to kick off otau from the repeater?

Thanks for hints and discussion.


Phoscon should be there if Deconz-gui is started.

Try port 8080 if not started as sudo.


okay I see I was not accurate enough with miy question.

Stating the deCONZ software and from within the software starting the Phoscon Web App is possible. The browser which started from within the deCONZ software connect to the device with and even with the changed port it is possible.

But I want to connect on the one hand with the Debian system (optimizing with heatmap, firmware updates, etc.) and an the other hand independently (my local network from the Debian System to the Phoscon web app. For example using my mobile phone / browser for learning new lightbulbs.

Even with changed port only the connection through the deCONZ app or the web app is possible.

You want to reach deconz from the webbrowser?

No, deCONZ runs on a bare metal Debian machine, which is aviable on keyboard and mouse or VNC.

I want to reach Phoscon with a browser.

What I wanted to say is, when deCONZ runs and you will reach Phoscon by clicking the Phoscon button in the deCONZ software, Phoscon is addressed by in the browser which opens. When Phoscon is reachable from every browser in my network (and deCONZ software wont start), then it is addressed with the IP

Phoscon and deCONZ are started at the same time. They dont run without each other. That being said, it might be a firewall or port issue. Phoscon is started after deconz is running.