deConz 2.25.1 on macos don't start with connected ConBee II

I have an installation of deConz 2.25.1 on a Mac mini with Apple M1 processor. Works with Rosetta.
deConz 2.25.1 freezes when I try to start it with a ConBee II (26780700) plugged in. If I start deConz without a plugged Conbee and plug it in after start, than works it.
It isn’t usable, because I cannot reboot the Mac, which works as a server.

Note: it works with a ConBee III, but ich have other problems with ConBee III, like the missing of some nodes after reboot and that the batterys of any devices goes very fast down.

Many Thanks for some tips…

I recommend opening a bug report on the github regarding the crash you are seeing.

Thanks for the report.