DeConz 2.19.01 not communicating with PhosCon app or HomeSeer plugin

Upgrading to DeConz 2.19.01 breaks communication with PhosCon app and HomeSeer plugin. Roll back to 2.18.02 solves the issue.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Upgrade to DeConz 2.19.01
Try communicating

Expected behavior

Communication with PhosCon app and/orHomeSeer plugin


Host system: Raspberry Pi 4B
Running method: Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
Firmware version: 26780700
deCONZ version: 2.19.01
Device: ConBee II
Do you use an USB extension cable: yes -- only relevant for ConBee I/II
Is there any other USB or serial devices connected to the host system? If so: Which? SSD device.

Hmm I think we didn’t have touched the API in some breaking ways, are there some logs on HomeSeer side which show what the API might complain about?

I forgot to mention I am running “deCONZ -platform minimal”. Than Phoscon can not connect. If I run the GUI Phoscon can connect.

Which log do you want?

The communication is broken, but can you acces to phoscon ?
When it’s not working can you try the request

sudo systemctl status deconz

Or better can you try to run it (in headless mode) using command line with debug enabled, ? if it’s not working you will not have too much logs Debugging 101 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

In getting the debugging started I stumbled on a fix.
After stopping and starting deconz using systemctl suddenly the communication was enabled again.
Apparently the startup is dependent on another process. I introduced a delay in the deconz.service file and now after reboot the system functions.
Do you have any idea which process deconz needs to startup correctly?

No idea on my side …
It’s a classic OS, no other applications running in same time ?

If I m right you can edit the configuration service file to add log parameter in the command line, for exemple to log error on a text file, but take care, it can be realy talkative so be sure to check if it have failed fastly.