DDF in the mesh screen

I there the possibility to put something in the device boxes in order to show immediately which ones are using DDF?

If there is no DDF of the device, legacy code is used.

If there is one in the codebase, legacy code is removed :slight_smile:

So each time a new release is issued I have to check all Tuya based devices to see if they have been “upgraded” to DDF.

I am not sure what the problem is if that happens :sweat_smile:.

In Italy we call it “comodità”.
The problem would be the same without Deconz; I stand up and go to the wall switch. :wink:

Why? Tuya devices work with DDF otherwise they won’t be removed from legacy.

There are “millions” different Tuya devices.
Quite impossible to have every device in DDF.

I’m confused :sweat_smile:

You want to be confused :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Because my request on the top was very simple; Put something (a dot, circle, square, *, #, etc.) to display in the mesh network screen which devices are using DDF.

Yes, i understand that , but what is the purpose :)?