dConz sends duplicate events for Tuya temperature/humidity sensor

I connected the sensor using Phoscon on Android. Phoscon shows it as product ‘Temperaturregler’ and manufacturer _TZE200_a8sdabtg. The problem is that in ioBroker I see two objects for this device:

deConz logging shows that two events are sent for the device, so the problem is not caused by ioBroker:

debug_deconz.htm:11 {"attr":{"id":"76","lastannounced":null,"lastseen":"2023-07-13T16:57Z","manufacturername":"_TZE200_a8sdabtg","modelid":"TS0601","name":"Temperaturregler","swversion":"1.0.2","type":"ZHAHumidity","uniqueid":"a4:c1:38:35:7b:18:6b:9d-01-0405"},"e":"changed","id":"76","r":"sensors","t":"event","uniqueid":"a4:c1:38:35:7b:18:6b:9d-01-0405"}
debug_deconz.htm:11 {"attr":{"id":"77","lastannounced":null,"lastseen":"2023-07-13T16:57Z","manufacturername":"_TZE200_a8sdabtg","modelid":"TS0601","name":"Temperature 77","swversion":"1.0.2","type":"ZHATemperature","uniqueid":"a4:c1:38:35:7b:18:6b:9d-01-0402"},"e":"changed","id":"77","r":"sensors","t":"event","uniqueid":"a4:c1:38:35:7b:18:6b:9d-01-0402"}

Do you have any idea why? I deleted the device and reconnected it, same problem. I have the same problem for a temperature/humidity sensor from Sonoff.

This is absolutely fine. One is humidity the other is temperature.

What’s the justification of your statement - the Zigbee standard? For other sensors which provide different states and temperature (e.g. my leakage-sensors) deConz shows a different behavior. What’s the difference?

The api should show 2 entities in the /sensor endpoint, one for humidity and one for temperature. They share the same unique id, up to the point of which endpoint. In this case the 05 and 02.

In your log part that is clearly visible.

Long story short, phoscon shows it as one device and phoscon uses the same api as iobroker does. In your case you need to check with the iobroker dev.

Thanks a lot. So this would need to be fixed in ioBroker. :+1:

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