Daylight sensor port requirement?

Originally posted on the GitHub page and then realized this was the official form.

I have my deConz Phoscon plugged into a RasPi 3b+ running Homebridge that has all ports closed except the ones I know I need. Does anyone know if this “virtual sensor” accesses the internet over a unique port other than the typical 80 or 443?

Mine continuously just says “unreachable”.

This might be a stupid question, in which case, please ignore.



I do know it uses the internet. But i am not sure what port.

@de_employees might know.

The sensor needs an internet connection to get geo coordinates to determine the time of day correctly. I don’t think another port is used. You could open the developer console of the browser at the seonsor page. Perhaps it will give a hint whats going wrong.

A workaround is also to set the geo coordinates offline with the help of a third party app (Hue Essentials for Android).

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