Danfoss Ally Error E8

I bought multiple of these Thermostats and after half a year now two of them show the code “E8” in the display.

I tried several things to reset them:

  1. Remove batteries, wait, re-insert.
  2. Factory reset by holding button and inserting batteries.
  3. Random button mashing :sweat_smile:
  4. Restarting the gateway.
  5. Removing all Zigbee devices from power and starting only the gateway and the thermostat close to each other, then restarting the device.

None of these helped.

In the manual, it says that it’s an “Invalid communication (Bluetooth/ZigBee)”.

Did anyone else encounter this problem and knows how to recover from it?

The same with me. I also bought 10 of these thermostats and have been using them for about 2 years. First on the danfoss gateway, now (since August 22) with zigbee2mqtt. In June of this year, two devices with the error message E8 already stood out on the danfoss gateway. I sent these in to Garaqmtie. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything yet, as no warranty exchange could be carried out because there are no devices.
Now I have another device in front of me that shows the error E8. This is annoying with an actual Danfoss “brand device” … in 2 years already 25% “failure” … unless just someone knows the necessary workflow to get the devices going again.
I have already tried all of the above. E8 remains …
I have the latest firmware.

Has anyone got any further?

Zigbee manufacturer Danfoss
Zigbee model eTRV0100
Description Ally thermostat
Firmware Date 20200429
Firmware Version 01.18.0008 01.18
Manufacturer Danfoss
Model 014G2461

Can’t really say I’ve experienced this already, but it keeps me a bit worried since I also got like 8 of those. If I may ask, does the device literally display E8 ? Haven’t seen any error code on the display at all so far, however, seen some (yet) non-talkative values for the attribute supposed to contain the error code.

Yep, it literally displayed “E8”. I returned it to manufacturer and got new devices.

it looks like this

Thanks guys :+1:

Also, based on some Danfoss documentation shared, I now know how to expose the errors correctly. Interestingly, 2 of my thermostats had 2 errors related to battery health simultaneously, that was a little irritating.